Archiv für den Monat: Dezember 2015

OLEDs – High Quality of Light

InnoVision finished a  project about „quality of light“. Therefore we measured different light sources. This results we are publishing now.

Fluorescence lambs have poor light because they emit light only in small spectral ranges (peaks in the spectrum) therefore the color appearance unter fluorescents lambs is changed. Experts say, the Color Rendering Index (CRI) is low. Light bulbs and halogen lambs have a brought spectrum, but they emit high intensity in infra red (IR) and have low intensity in the blue region. Therefor they are very inefficient and not good for work spaces where cold white (with more blue intensity) is preferable. LEDs and OLEDs emit light in a brought spectrum. Therefore the CRI is very good. Especially the OLED has no strong minimum in the spectrum. But the best light is a combination of OLED and LED

Spectra of different light sources.