Archiv für den Monat: August 2018

New laser in lab in Aachen

We developed a new laser for our laser labs in Aachen. It was build from modules that are produced in high quantities in high quality for reasonable price.

It is a multimode laser with a high pulse energy of up to 500mJ. Therefore the focal depth is long and many methods for beam shaping can be applied. Due to the high pulse energy the laser can be used without Galvo-Scanner.

The laser has less than 10 nm pulse length and a wave length of 1320 nm. This is advantageous for selective coating removal since many materials are transparent at that wave length and will not be affected by the laser or can be removed very fast via lift-off process.

Other wave length can be generated by nonlinear optics.

The laser is permanently available in our application lab in Aachen.