Imaging pocket spectroscopes now available

We developed an imaging pocket spectroscope. It can be used for visualize the spectrum of light sources,  the rendering of colors or printed documents, or the absorption lines of minerals.

Additional to usual spectroscopes this imaging spectroscope can show the spectrum of particular areas. In can focus to infinity or any other closer distance.

The imaging optics can be disassembled for using as hand microscope. And the spectroscope can be used in the usual way. 

Diameter: 1,5 cm

Length:  7,8 cm

Weight: 18 g

The images show different spectra of florescence tubes. The images are taken trough a smart phone in a distance of approximately 4 m.

The spectral resolution is suitable to see the Fraunhofer lines in daylight spectrum.

The spectroscope is available with your individual laser engraving.

We sell small volumes via Ebay. Please contact us for higher volumes or for customized spectroscopes.