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New laser in lab in Aachen

We developed a new laser for our laser labs in Aachen. It was build from modules that are produced in high quantities in high quality for reasonable price.

It is a multimode laser with a high pulse energy of up to 500mJ. Therefore the focal depth is long and many methods for beam shaping can be applied. Due to the high pulse energy the laser can be used without Galvo-Scanner.

The laser has less than 10 nm pulse length and a wave length of 1320 nm. This is advantageous for selective coating removal since many materials are transparent at that wave length and will not be affected by the laser or can be removed very fast via lift-off process.

Other wave length can be generated by nonlinear optics.

The laser is permanently available in our application lab in Aachen.

New laser in our labs in Aachen

For the activities of processing of thin semiconductor film we acquired a new laser system.


wave length: λ = 515 nm

pulse length: τ = 900 pico seconds

The new laser will be equipped with a galvo scanning system and is available in our new facility in Aachen (Roermonder Strasse) in January 2018. The whole system will be compact and allows on-side laser tests at your place.

New laser safety regulation for laser machines (laser class 1)

Since End of 2016 there are new regulations regarding laser safety („Laserklasse 1“ in Germany).

New: direct laser light need to be considered as well as secondary light! 

During laser processing mostly a plasma is generated. This plasma emitted also UV light. Most laser windows do not have a sufficient UV protection.

In our laser safety reviews we also measure the intensity of this UV light, the UV transmission of laser windows and shielding of the laser light and the secondary light.  For any question sent email to „bergfeld (at)“


The Laser Labs at TH Köln Start to Operate

The Laser Labs at TH Köln Start to Operate

At the „Technische Hochschule Köln“ at Campus Gummersbach new labs for laser productions processes are builded up. The labs is focussing on laser processes in combination with coating processes of functional surfaces. One main topic is Thin-Film, Organic and Printed Electronic

Following systems are already running:

  • ns laser 1064 nm
  • ns laser 532 nm
  • CW CO2-Laser 10.6 µm
  • AFM
  • Spectrometer

InnoVision is cooperating with the labs for laser productions processes